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Rug Storage in Little Rock, AR

Hadidi Rug & Design Gallery also offers long-term and short-term rug storage in a temperature controlled, insect proofed environment. Do not store your modern or Oriental rugs in an attic or unventilated storage center if you want them to last.

Here are a few Rug Storage Tips

  • During high humidity seasons (Spring and Summer) make sure that there is some way to circulate the air to avoid mildew problems - even a fan will help. Consider using a dehumidifier to bring humidity down to a more moderate level.
  • During lower humidity seasons (like Winter and Autumn), consider raising the level of humidity slightly with a humidifier.
  • Block sunlight with shades or blinds.

  • Have a housekeeping plan for your storage area(s) because dust and dirt attract insects.

  • Avoid storing rugs directly on the floor; carpet beetles in particular like to take up residence between the floor and the back of your rug.

And of course, having your rugs stored at Hadidi Rug & Design Gallery will ensure that your rugs are stored with the utmost care.

We'll store your Oriental rugs so they'll last for years to come. 

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