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Traditional Design

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Our Traditional Design Collection honors the distinctive designs and vibrant colors of the centuries old art of hand-woven rugs, and also offers those same beautiful designs in today’s trending colors.  Traditional rugs work well with almost any décor and are often a prized family possession that is passed down from generation to generation.   Our large selection offers a variety of designs and colors to fit perfectly in almost any setting.


Antique Wash & Reproductions

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Both Antique Wash and Reproduction rugs have a richness and softness as if they’ve been used and cherished for a long time, providing a sense of history and character to your living space.  Hand woven to replicate the look of antique rugs, they come in the latest designer colors.

If you love the look of old or antique rugs, but don’t want to afford the price or can’t find the right size, color or design for your décor, an Antique Wash or Reproduction rug is an excellent choice.


Modern Contemporary

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Modern contemporary rugs have become popular in recent years because they are elegant and typically minimalistic, providing versatility with many types of rooms and furnishings.

Our Modern Contemporary Collection showcases rugs with vibrant color as well as tone on tone neutrals.  Many of the rugs mix silk with wool in the designs to provide extra dimensions of richness and texture.


New, Semi-Antique, Antique

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Hadidi Rug Gallery offers a large and exquisite selection of semi-Antique and Antique Persian rugs that are very old and in good condition, personally sourced and collected by David Hadidi.   To view our collection contact David for a personal tour of these special rugs and learn about their history.

We also have a large selection of New Persian rugs offering the same intricate design detail and weaving technique but are more affordable than the old Persian Semi-Antique and Antique rugs.


Aubusson, Kilim, Soumak, and Needlepoint

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There are different types of flat woven rugs, and each has its unique design and colors, but all are produced by hand in one of several flat weaving techniques.  Kilims are known for their popular geometric designs and bold colors that can provide a pop for any room or hallway, and they are reversible which provides a different look depending upon the side that faces up.  The popular Aubusson and Soumak have a more traditional design but still offer many options in colors and design that complement today’s popular décor.  Needlepoint is more formal, with a French look, and can be used as a rug or a statement wall tapestry.

Rug Weaver

What Clients Say

"We’ve done business with Hadidi Rugs for many years. They’re the only ones we trust for purchasing and cleaning our beautiful Persian rugs. The owner, David, founded the company and is there to greet and serve guests every day. He and his team are experts in oriental rugs and will help find the right rug to enjoy and love for generations. They pick up and deliver rugs for cleaning. Excellent service every step of the way!"
Susan B.
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